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We have 10+ Years of experiance in mechanical rebar splicing solution

SURYA ENGINEERING is introducing in the market a parallel threaded mechanical splicing system which was formed in the year 2012 by a group of indigenous professionals with over 10 years experience in Construction.

In short span of 10 years, we have established our name as one of the leading company in Construction field. The company has its Headquarters & Factory at Mumbai. We have one of the largest Manufacturer & Supplier network in Maharashtra and in India & having stock & sales.

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Surya Engineering is India's Leading and Prominent manufacturer of rebar cold forging machines. Surya Engineering is a professional cold forging machinery equipment company, rebar upsetting cold forging machine has always been Surya's best-selling machine. The rebar cold forging machine needs to be used with a rebar threading machine. Surya Engineering also Manufactures rebar threading machines which are suitable for Cold forging machines.

Coupler to be designed for Fe550 grade. The only tests recommended for acceptance on projects are static tensile tests.
Example :- Fe500 rebar breaking at a stress of 580 N/mm2 is acceptable as per IS 1786 requirement of 545 N/mm2.

In this Specification for Fe500 Rebar is considered acceptable for use anywhere in the structure if meets the ultimate strength of 545 N/mm2 which is much lesser than the 1.25Fy.
In this case, the Condition becomes at least 625 N/mm2 as well.

There are two types of IS Code for testing Coupler Strength
1. IS 1786-2008
2. IS 16172-2014

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We are proud to work with some of the largest organisations in the construction sectors. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have with some of the biggest organisations within the industry.

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