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Here checkout some of our Latest or leading products. We are a topmost manufacturer of quality approved assortment of Rebar Splicing Machine.

Hydraulic Cold Forging Machine | Rebar Cold Forging Machine

Rebar cold forging machines are used to forging of TMT bar or Rebar. This forged rebar is later threaded by rebar thread

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Rebar Cold Forging Machine | Upsetting Cold Forging Machine

The strength of cold-forged TMT parts is good because cold deformation has a work-hardening effect, so the performance i

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MBT Coupler | Bolted Coupler | Lock Shearing Bolted Coupler

The MBT coupler is used where the requirement of lap length is not there. These are generally used in situations where t

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Our value added Services

Here checkout some of our value added Services which we are providing as per our clients need.

Rebar Threading Service

Surya Engineering is India's most popular in Rebar Threading Job Work

We are providing on-site Reinforcement Rebar Threading services, especially in the civil construction domain for mechanical Couplers and other types of Reinforcement Threading. Rebar Threading can be done by trained skilled Operators and Labours. So we have a team of highly trained and skilled labour and we provide Threading Machine on rent with trained Operators & Labours. We provide Rebar Threading job work and TMT bar sizes between 16mm – 40mm.

TMT Cold Forging Service

Surya Engineering is India's most leading company for Rebar Cold Forging Job Work

We have been acknowledging for providing the industry’s best matchless reinforcement rebar cold forging Service. We are specialized & have the best Experience in rebar splicing solution. In this process end of the Rebar is enlarged with the Rebar Cold Forging Machine. This process should be done by trained & experience Labours & Workers. Our Labour & Worker can forge TMT Bar & Available on-site at 24x7 hours.

MBT Coupler Services

Surya Engineering is manufacturer of high speed tensile bolt MBT Coupler or services

Along with the supply of Rebar Coupler, MBT Coupler we also providing on-site Coupler installation. Installation of Rebar Coupler can be done with a simple Threading on Rebar (TMT Bar). But in the case of MBT Coupler, This Coupler is installed by trained Labours & Workers with years of experience. We can also provide trained Labours & Workers on-site for the Installation of the MBT Coupler and other couplers.

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Since Year 2012

Surya Engineering

SURYA ENGINEERING is introducing in the market a parallel threaded mechanical splicing system which was formed in the year 2012 by a group of indigenous professionals with over 10 years experience in Construction. In short span of 10 years, we have established our name as one of the leading company in Construction field. The company has its Headquarters & Factory at Mumbai. We have one of the largest Manufacturer & Supplier network in Maharashtra and in India & having stock & sales. know more

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Surya Engineering Thu 15 Sep 2022

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Rebar coupler using at the place of conventional lapping system in rebar splicing system

Surya Engineering Wed 02 Feb 2022

The conventional old method of connecting two reinforcement bars with lap joints continuity in reinforced concrete need not be always appropriate. ...

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