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Surya Engineering is India's Leading and Prominent manufacturer of rebar cold forging machines. Surya Engineering is a professional cold forging machinery equipment company, rebar upsetting cold forging machine has always been Surya's best-selling machine. The rebar cold forging machine needs to be used with a rebar threading machine. Surya Engineering also Manufactures rebar threading machines which are suitable for Cold forging machines.

Coupler to be designed for Fe550 grade. The only tests recommended for acceptance on projects are static tensile tests.
Example :- Fe500 rebar breaking at a stress of 580 N/mm2 is acceptable as per IS 1786 requirement of 545 N/mm2.

In this Specification for Fe500 Rebar is considered acceptable for use anywhere in the structure if meets the ultimate strength of 545 N/mm2 which is much lesser than the 1.25Fy.
In this case, the Condition becomes at least 625 N/mm2 as well.

There are two types of IS Code for testing Coupler Strength
1. IS 1786-2008
2. IS 16172-2014

The conventional old method of connecting reinforcement bars with lap joints continuity in reinforced concrete need not be always appropriate. Advantages of simplicity and economy in lap splicing is limited to smaller diameter bars, mechanical couplers offer the solution for splicing when large-diameter bars are involved like 16, 20, 25 and 32 mm Diameter where huge cost saving can be done.

PVC Cover Block is lightweight, This PVC Cover Block inert easily in Concrete with Chemically. It will be Chemically be mixed with concrete to give a better result for shuttering with Rebar. It will be in a good quality PVC Material & PVC will be in Virgin Grade this reason made perfect for Shuttering with Rebar. This PVC Cover Block will not rust this can eliminating blemishes on Concrete surfaces. This PVC Cover Block Used for RCC Footing & also for Columns. TRP Machines & Tools are Manufacturers of PVC Cover Block For RCC Slab, Footing & Column.

Rebar Couplers are used to join end-to-end of TMT Bar to create a continuous Rebar length without losing its strength. Rebar Coupler is made up of EN8D Material which gives Tensile strength of 650 mpa. In Construction, TMT bar is used to joined using a Coupler sleeve that transfers the force on the rebar. Rebar couplers are used in reinforced concrete structures to replace normal rebar lap joints. The couplers are also suitable for use in reinforced concrete columns and walls. Each rebar coupler consists of a piece of rebar equipped with a thread and coupler sleeve at the right end as viewed in the direction of installation. In construction joints, rebar couplers can be used to replace all pieces of rebar going through the formwork.