Heavy duty slab armour joints

Heavy duty slab armour joints

Heavy duty slab armour joints

Heavy duty slab armour joints

Heavy duty slab armour joints

Heavy duty slab armour joints

Heavy Duty Slab Armour Joints

The joint system comprises two top strips, a divider plate, load transfer plate dowels and sleeves. The divider plate height fits the slab depth and, to ensure the plate dowel is always located at the mid-height of the slab, is manufactured to order.

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The joint is designed such that, once cast, the two slab panels either side of the joint begin to shrink independently. One panel includes the dowel sleeve and one of the top strips. The other top strip, the divider plate and the dowel are included in the other part of the slab. The dowel bridges the joint and is embedded in both slab panels.

Formwork for casting a concrete slab is achieved by the vertical divider plates, which supports the top strip edge protection and load transfer plate dowels.

Slab arris protection is provided by way of cold drawn steel top strips with shear studs that anchor the top strips in the concrete.

Load transfer across the joint is achieved by asymmetrically installed plate dowels and sleeves. The plate dowels are attached to the vertical divider plate and the sleeves are held in place under friction. The sleeves allow movements the joint expands and contracts. Prefabricated corner, 3-way and 4-way intersections are available.

ArmourJoint Adjustable utilises an adjustable divider plate to suit different slab heights.

The lower divider plate is attached to the upper divider plate using a bespoke fixing that requires no tools for adjustment. This innovation is protected by a patent.

The adjustable divider plate enables contractors to keep one system size on site to suit various slab heights.

Contact the Surya Engineering technical team at +91 9223446390 for more information.

Prefabricated Intersections

Corner, 3-way and 4-way intersections are available to simplify installation. These components will be manufactured with the same height and plate dowel specifications to suit the straight ArmourJoint and ArmourJoint Adjustable sections.

Installation Jacks

Installation Jacks are reusable items that facilitate speedy and accurate installation of Armour Joint. Installation Jacks eliminate any risk associated with the conventional method of pinning and welding, especially the cracking risk due to the pins restraint against the joint opening.

Dowel TypeThickness (mm)FinishShear Area (0.9xA) (mm2)Capacity (P sh plate) (kN)
150 * 150 * 66Black / HDG810150.0
150 * 170 * 88Black / HDG
150 * 150 * 1212Black / HDG

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